We are parents helping parents


Here we want to help parents know better so they can do better for their kids and their families.


All of our team members have one thing in common: Each of our families has been transformed by our Thrive like a Parent Method.

Before we were employees, we were all parents looking for help. We needed support and we needed answers to our most frustrating parenting concerns. Each one of us has mentored individually with Dr. Brooke because we wanted to be the best parents possible for our children – trusting, there MUST be a better way.

The results were life-changing.

Now we have the incredible privilege of walking the Thrive Like a Parent Method journey with thousands of families. We are both cheerleaders and supporters – celebrating members successes while ensuring no one walks this path alone.


Philip Danger 

Dad Coach

My name is Philip Danger and I am a dad coach based in Austin TX, where I coach men and fathers to be the best men, partners, parents and leaders they can be. 

My interest in men’s issues began in the early 2000s with my involvement in men’s work activities. Picking up and devouring textbooks on Human Psychology and Human Behavior only furthered my interest in men’s emotional development. My experience through my 20’s with men’s groups, as a participant, as a natural leader and now as a father, reinforced my love of supporting men in creating a safe and supportive enviroment for them to create the enriched lives they desire to live.  

I’m also lucky to have been mentored for the last several years by one of the absolute best mom coaches – Brooke Weinstein. She encourages me always to strive to be the best in my field and to update my knowledge and skills continuously.  

For many years, as a single man growing up and then as a married partner and father, I constantly pushed and pushed myself to be who I thought I SHOULD be. A successful business owner, the handsome husband, the supportive friend, the masculine MAN. 

Roles that I could easily step into, but that left me supporting everyone else other than myself and my own happiness. Roles that didn’t allow me to fully experience what I was feeling and emoting. 

I wasn’t happy in my relationships.
I wasn’t fulfilled in my job.
I wasn’t present in my children’s life. 
I wasn’t feeling my own emotions. 
I wasn’t able to communicate my own needs to my partner. 
I wasn’t happy. 
I wasn’t living how I wanted to live my life. 

This process of learning my own process, of learning my own body, of listening and experiencing my emotions and allowing them the space and safety to breath and be truly felt. This process was the transformation that allowed me to connect with myself. 

To connect to the soul of who I am. 
To connect with my children how they desire to be experienced. 
To communicate with my partner and express my needs in healthy and constructive methods. 
To stop placing every other persons priorities above my own. 

To start living in the abundance that I always knew I was capable of. 

Now I am blessed to be able to coach other men through their lives to this space as well. A space that each of us can achieve, that each of us are deserving of, and that each of us are desiring of. 
A space that grows our capacity to live this life in it’s fullest form, so that we can show up to our children, our partner, and most of all ourselves in the most incredible and rewarding way. 

'What we truly want in life builds the foundation and capacity to guide our own children into becoming who they are.'

'Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.'

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