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Writing A Great Speech

That’s a message in itself. And it’s one they’ll share. 5) Humanize Yourself: You and your message are one-and-the-same. If your audience doesn’t buy into you, they’ll resist your message too. It’s...

  • 1. Relevant to your audience 2. Original (avoiding online cutting and pasting at all costs) 3. Clear; using as few words as possible And to sprinkle your words with a little magic to ensure that people remember it for all the right reasons. The key.

  • If nothing else, when you prepare your final draft, write it so that each new thought (and pause) begins on a new line. The final draft should look more like a poem than a page from a book. 5.

  • Top 7 Tips for Writing a Strong Speech 1. Analyze your audience. Delivering a speech is a kind of interaction, and successful interaction is impossible without... 2. Consider the format and venue and prepare accordingly. Consider the reason why your audience has gathered to listen... 3. Avoid.

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